Ready to Automate Your Traffic Strategy?

Four Content Strategy Options

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How to Find Your Hidden Traffic

You will receive...

🎯 Three video lessons packed with content strategy that's easy to do

🎯 Checklists to empower you take control

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Step 1. Prioritize

Content Audit

You will receive...

🎯 Content Prioritization Audit with all your data, ordered by priority, in Google Sheets

🎯 Course packed with content strategy lessons, user manual, and action plan

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Step 2. Automate

Content Strategy Portal

You will receive...

🌀 Portal programmed with live analytics + 4 content strategies + content audit

🌀 Course has video lessons packed with actionable strategy and examples

🌀 Content Audit is required. (step 1 above)

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One Checkout for Step 1 and Step 2:

Step 3. What's Missing?

Competitive Analysis

You will receive...

🎯 Topic Gap Analysis of the top questions and content you should write to attract your ideal client or reader

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